Dress by Christopher Kane

After having printed realistic gorilla heads on dresses and t-shirts, Christopher Kane is playing once again with trompe-l'oeil for his pre-summer 2011 collection. This time, the designer has replaced the zoological images with graphics seemingly captured by the Hubble telescope, offering an intergalactic fashion journey to his clients.

Dress by Christopher Kane

For his spring/summer 2011 show, Kane made many references to Princess Margaret's wardrobe; however, his latest cruise collection has gone much more cosmic. Like a child fascinated by what he sees in the planetarium, the designer tries to capture a bit of the magic of outer space by reproducing it on a medium he knows well: the fabric for his t-shirts, skirts, and cocktail dresses.

In order to do so without altering the perspective of the graphics, he had to come up with pieces that offered enough surface area for the prints yet were desirable.

In practice, his slightly ample, ergonomically unpretentious t-shirts provide an adequate support, but it is his simple yet sexy, well-designed dresses that provide the best frame for his latest work. This high-waisted model in silk with its mini Claudine collar succeeds in bringing together timeless sophistication with experimental printing.

Once again, Christopher Kane succeeds in making the most improbable of themes desirable...

Dress by Christopher Kane, 1525 euros at Colette:

By Coco in Shopping